A highlight of living in Iowa is getting to experience all four seasons. But with that comes plenty of snow and cold and sometimes harsh weather conditions. Winter maintenance and check-ups are a great way to prepare for the snowy months ahead.

Your checklist

There are a couple of things you can do to prepare for winter. In doing so, you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in repairs when the snow melts away. Let’s take a closer look at what your winter maintenance checklist should look like:

Clean the gutters.

It may seem foolish, but not cleaning your gutters before the weather drops to freezing temperatures can cause water to build up and seep through your roof. It forces the melting snow and ice under your home’s shingles to exude onto your roof and into your home. This can result in mold, water stains, and leaks. None of which you want.

Ice dams will form when your gutters are full of leaves and fall debris, and that gets heavy on your gutters. “Your gutters could sag or even worse, completely fall down,” Ben Flurey, General Manager at RPM Iowa says.

Have a plan for snow removal.

Have you ever tried to pull out of your driveway when there is mounds of snow behind your tires? It can be a near impossible feat. Snow removal is bound to happen in the state of Iowa. Furthermore, some cities require you to keep the sidewalks in front of your house clear.

You can leave snow removal and lawn care up to your residents. Or you can take care of snow removal and lawn care and use that as an added benefit to renters.

Check the home’s insulation.

Is your investment home properly insulated? Insulation can help keep utility bills low or prevent future issues. It reduces transmission of thermal energy from escaping walls, floors, and the ceiling of your home. There are different kinds of insulation that you can use – so check out this list for more information.

Check the seals on windows and doors.

In conjunction with insulation, faulty doors or windows can increase utility bills too. Weather can deteriorate or create holes where there aren’t supposed to be any. Consider using weather strips, door sweeps, or hanging insulated curtains for more temporary solutions. You can invest in a longer-term solution, such as double pane windows.

You may not cover the utility bill for your tenants, but making sure they have a livable space that elevates their quality of life instead of diminishing it needs to be of the utmost importance to you. Tenant retention can save you plenty of cash flow by not having to turn the home in between resident occupations.

Winter maintenance upkeep will save you money in the long run.

Winter is beautiful, especially when the snow is falling and you’re inside enjoying a hot cup of joe. But, it can be detrimental to your rental property budget if you don’t keep up with winter maintenance. Have any questions about how you can elevate your investment property during the winter months? Or want to learn more about what a property management company can do for you. We’d love to hear from you whenever you’re ready to start a dialogue.