Spring has sprung! With the new season emerging, we put together the perfect spring maintenance checklist for your rental property. While the world is unthawing from the long winter, now is the time to check in on your property for the required maintenance. To preface this, you should not do any maintenance or repair work unless licensed. Lucky for you, RPM Iowa works with several vendors, and we know exactly who to go to for any issues that can arise!

Service HVAC Systems

Changing air filters can help improve air quality and prevent breakdowns. We recommend our residents change their filters every 3 months. You should also check your outdoor condenser to ensure that no debris is blocking the airway.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Testing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is of the utmost importance regardless of the season. If you notice any issues with the detectors in your home please contact our maintenance department for repair.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Winter can wreak havoc on gutters and downspouts, start spring off right by getting them back to their pre-winter state! Remove any debris that could be clogging or causing water damage. Cleaning is also a good excuse to get a good look at your gutters to make sure there’s no major damage from the winter season.

Prepare the Lawn

Odds are that your lawn is looking less than lovely right now. After months of ice, snow, and harsh weather, your lawn is going to need some TLC. Rake up any leaves and debris, fertilize the lawn, and plant flowers or shrubs (if that’s your thing). Soon enough, it’ll be summer and you’ll be glad you prepped!

Check Doors and Windows

The last item on our maintenance checklist is doors and windows! Winter can be tough on the door and window stripping, so go in and replace any weather stripping that looks rough. Look for any gaps or open cracks. Replacing weather stripping can prevent drafts and improve your energy efficiency.

Performing a regular maintenance checkup on your property is one of the most simple but crucial parts of keeping your property’s value up. Being proactive in maintenance can prevent major expenses in the long run. Our maintenance team can perform many of these maintenance tasks. And for more serious repairs, we have several of the best vendors in our network.

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RPM Iowa Maintenance Director: 

Logan Jeske

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24-Hour Emergency Maintenance Hotline: (515) 337-8186