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You’ll want to know as many details as possible before getting into any form of investment. One of the best ways to educate yourself is to read. Fortunately, there’s plenty of rental property investment books that hold key information. We’ve highlighted the top six real estate investment books – but we want to dive into one book in particular.

Build a Rental Property Empire by Mark Ferguson answers questions that you may not have thought of before. Let’s get into the background of the author and a summary of the book.

About the author

Mark Ferguson graduated with a business degree from the University of Colorado. In 2002 he began his real estate career. He’s flipped more than 180 houses and owns more than 20 rental properties.

He notes his struggle with the real estate industry when he was just starting out. Mark Ferguson did not find success in the business until about five years in. He realized that traditional real estate was not for him. That’s when he began his endeavor into owning rental properties. Now, he’s written eight real estate books, and hosts an on-going podcast and blog.

About the book

This is an adaptive book that answers plenty of questions regarding rental properties. It dives into the financial benefits of owning real estate and how to manage your portfolio. A majority of the chapters covers residential rental properties.

Each chapter is broken down into individualized questions. Ferguson gives his educated answer in a conversational manner. There’s lots of ground to cover, but he does so within a reasonable amount of pages.

Build a Rental Property Empire answers:

  • What are the risks of investing in real estate?
  • How do you know what makes a good rental property investment?
  • How do you buy real estate below market value?
  • How to finance and pay for rental properties
  • How to manage your rental properties

He updates his book when the market significantly changes or when he comes across a new common question that needs to be addressed. In the back of the book, you can find keywords that give you a better understanding of the book’s content.

The value of reading rental property investment books

Learning is the best way to remain pertinent in an ever-changing industry. Our goal at RPM Iowa is to have a continuous stream of educational conversations with our investors. We want to help them build wealth through real estate. Ferguson’s book gives good insight into some questions that investors might have. Our team read this book because we look to better understand our investors’ needs.

This book is a great resource if you’re looking to invest in rental properties. This no-fluff read is one of the best rental property investment books available, from basic fundamentals, to financial advice and advanced strategies.