Empowering Renters to Become Owners

Your Path to Home Ownership

Have a Plan

Become a Homeowner

Build Wealth

Would you rather own than rent?

Homeownership offers a deep sense of pride and power to build equity and wealth over time. Unfortunately for renters, overcoming obstacles to buying can feel impossible.

  • Inability to qualify for a loan causes buyers to give up and settle for renting.
  • Divorce, Bankruptcy, or other financial hardships cause people to lose hope in ownership.
  • Low or no savings has made a downpayment impossible.
  • Lack of housing inventory has made it hard to find a home you love and can afford.

Homeownership is within your reach.

RPM Iowa is partnering with American Financial Network to provide you with a path to homeownership.

Our experienced team will take you through our proven process guaranteed to grow your portfolio. We understand your goals and our program will empower you to build wealth through real estate.

Financial Health Analysis

Discover how your credit & finances shape your ability to own a home. Get a plan to improve your financial health if needed.

Closing Credits

When you work with RPM Iowa & AFN, you get $2,000 off credit to help cover closing costs.

Exclusive Off Market Homes

With our exclusive list of off-market homes, you’ll gain access to beautiful houses before they get taken by the competition.

Stop feeling stuck.

We understand that renting may not have been your first choice for your housing needs. Through RPM’s partnership with American Financial Network, residents gain decades of real estate and financial expertise on their side to navigate the buying process and land their first home.

“Seth at RPM was very responsive and helpful in getting our home buying process started. Parker at American Financial was great! Always willing to talk us through anything we didn’t understand. They both helped us look at our credit and what could be done to get qualified. We just thought, why not!? Let’s try and see if we can qualify and we did! We are so thankful!” -Ms. Paterson

How it Works

1. Meet with an Advisor

Schedule a call to discuss your goals and timelines. We’ll provide a financial analysis to give you a clear picture of your costs and house budget.

2. Get Pre-Qualified

To begin shopping for a home, we’ll need to get you pre-qualified with a lender. American Financial Network can give you a simple path forward to improve your financial health.

3. Become a Homeowner

Along with the general local housing market, we’ll give you access to our exclusive off market homes. You may be able to dodge competition and purchase a home before it goes on the market.

Become a Homeowner

Take the first step by learning more about your path to homeownership.

*This offer is not a solicitation if you’re in an agency relationship with a real estate agent.