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What Makes RPM Iowa Different?

You started investing in real estate to give yourself the freedom that comes from passive income. But now that you have to find and manage tenants, deal with maintenance issues and keep up with the regulations and paperwork, you’re not sure it was such a great idea after all.

That’s where we come in.


Focusing on placing the right tenant in the home first time around will ensure your property is well?maintained and profitable. Viewing the tenant as a “key component” rather than just?someone living in your home?will ensure your property stands out on the market place. You deserve the best?possible tenant the first time!


Professionally?property management is the difference between making this a passive income that work for you or an active?income that requires you.?For a lot?of people this is their largest asset(s) they own. Having a professional?team in place to manage that asset?is crucial.? Systems?and processes that are built through?experience, training and innovation?keep your property on the cutting edge of efficiency and profitability.?



This area is the number “1” reason why property owners don’t make a profit. Having a team in place that takes a cost effective approach with proactive mindset ensures that needless money isn’t wasted. Building a long term plan for maintenance as well as knowing when to exit the home to avoid large capital improvements makes sure that your investment income plan stays on track.



Almost everyone will be buying or selling their home at some point in their life. Buying and selling a home “owner occupied” is much different than investment real estate. Having someone that is 100% focused on investment sales ensures that your purchase or your sale is being handled properly. With everything?under one roof your investment is looked at through all areas of the business not just the “sale”.

Here’s how we help.

Discover Your
Real Estate Goals

We need to know what you are looking to accomplish. Are you looking to have 1 property or 100?

Create A Custom P.I.G. Plan to Achieve Your Goals

This is the how and when we get to show you that the your vision can be a reality.

Yearly Review of Goals and Profitability

Recap of the year and how we can Maximize your real estate portfolio.

Create wealth and a life of freedom through real estate ownership.

5 Simple Steps to a Rent Ready Home.

Buying a rental property is a big first step on the path to becoming someone who knows how to build a life of freedom – financial freedom and freedom of time.

You deserve to have someone you can implicitly trust. Someone who is on your team. Someone who can proactively care for the investment you’ve made and has the resources and knowledge to help that investment grow.


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