logan jeske is the service director at Real Property Management Iowa

Logan Jeske

Logan Jeske is the Service Director at Real Property Management. Logan oversees and operates RPM’s inhouse maintenance team and serves as project manager for larger home remodels. He also heads the majority of client requested estimates for properties under RPM management. Logan has served in many different roles during his time at RPM. This experience lends very useful for RPM’s team, residents and clients to leverage. Logan began his RPM journey as a property manager and leasing agent where he was able to show properties as well as prepare them for move in. After 3 years, Logan transitioned into our sales department to prospect and onboard new clients for management services. This provided an awesome opportunity to hear what clients value in property management and combine that with the back end logistics Logan was already familiar with. Logan’s found his niche at RPM where he now combines his management experience with his ability to analyze home improvements and determine how to maximize property performance. Outside of work, Logan and his wife execute the same strategy and enjoy buying investment properties, running property performas and rehabbing the homes to create profitable opportunities. Logan has taken pride in building loyal and long lasting relationships during his time at RPM! When good people team together, great things happen!