caleb schafbuch is an account executive at Real Property Management Iowa

Caleb Schafbuch

As an Account Executive Caleb helps organize the day-to-day operations and nurtures relationships with our investor clients. He started his property management career as a Leasing Specialist over 5 years ago. This launching pad helped him become well-versed in leasing and market rents, which now enables him to provide clients with informed decisions about their properties. Throughout his tenure at RPM, Caleb has been involved in nearly all aspects of the business, from resident communications to working alongside maintenance teams. One of his favorite parts of the job is collaborating with clients to create property plans that align with their goals. Born and raised in Central Iowa, he loves being in nature, participating in recreational sports, and spending time with his family. During his time at RPM, Caleb has helped well over 1,000 residents find a place to call home and has been a part of building processes that deliver executive service to our clients.