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Ben Flurey

Ben Flurey is the General Manager (believer in big things) at RPM Iowa.

He began in Property Management in 2011 while he was beginning his real estate sales career. Early on he recognized an opportunity to use his customer service experience from his High School and College days working at Hyvee combined with his construction background to provide a unique service to clients.

Connecting people’s wants and dreams to get involved in Real Estate ownership. Whether that is getting their personal finances in order to purchase their first home or closing on their 100th investment people. Helping folks believe it’s possible and have confidence to invest in Real Estate.

Ben truly enjoys working. The work that he does helps him and my family be able to spend quality time together golfing, fishing, and doing renovation projects. He also enjoys coaching his kid’s soccer, baseball, and basketball teams.

Something that has filled him with pride is taking RPM Des Moines which had an average rent of under $900/mth managing around $45,000,000 in real estate with 5 employees to RPM Iowa which has an average rent near $1700/mth managing around $175,000,000 in real estate with 22 employees.

His objective is to change the perspective of property management/property manager. Property managers are viewed poorly and are often put into a difficult position. We can change that, it starts small but can be infectious. We are a great group of people who care about doing a great job each and every day. We are not perfect, we are human but we work hard with the right intentions. Lets be the change we want to see in the world and see where that takes us. What better vehicle to use than REAL ESTATE?