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Jacob Thompson

About Jacob

Jacob Thompson serves as the Service Coordinator for RPM Iowa, a role he has excelled in since his promotion in 2024. With a solid foundation in maintenance, Jacob began his journey at RPM Iowa as a Maintenance Technician two years ago, bringing a hands-on approach to property care and management.

In his current position, Jacob plays a pivotal role in liaising with property owners to ensure that all maintenance and service tasks are executed flawlessly. His commitment to maintaining high standards of service helps keep residents satisfied and properties in top condition.

Jacob’s expertise not only covers technical maintenance skills but also encompasses a strong ability to coordinate efforts effectively, ensuring that all parties involved are aligned with the company’s goals. His dedication and proactive approach have been instrumental in enhancing the living conditions of countless residents under RPM Iowa’s management.

For any inquiries regarding property maintenance or to discuss your service needs, Jacob can be reached through his RPM Iowa email at