At RPM Iowa, we love to help people build wealth through real estate. Investor success stories surround us, and this month our Real Estate Investor Highlight is Steve.

Steve wasn’t entirely new to real estate investing. In fact, he had owned a few properties in the 80s and 90s. About 3 years ago, Steve found himself feeling dissatisfied with the volatility of the stock market and ready to invest in real estate again. But this time, he wanted to do it differently… He didn’t want to struggle to find renters again, figure out how to go through an eviction process, or be involved in any of the high-stress situations that can arise for property owners.

Getting Real Estate Investing Right

Today, three years later, Steve and his wife own 3 investment properties through RPM Iowa. We asked Steve what made them decide to keep going, after the 2nd property, or even the first. It’s a reasonably simple answer; appreciation. They were pleased to see how much their first two properties had appreciated in value in such a short amount of time. Appreciation aside, other factors contributed to the success of these properties. Steve said, “It makes such a difference when you’re working with people who are committed to service. RPM is as committed to the renters as they are to the investors.” No longer did he have to worry about finding the right residents or bending over backward to keep up with resident needs.

He recalls the quickness at which RPM found his first tenant for his first property. It was mid-December, a time when there aren’t a lot of renters searching. Within a few months, RPM was able to find a renter that continued to rent the property for three years. It was clear that the days of stressing over finding the right tenants were long gone.

Building a Legacy Through Real Estate

What’s next for Steve? Steve and his wife are of retirement age. They haven’t pinned down their next move quite yet. Investing in real estate has given Steve and his family, financial flexibility as they head into retirement. They could choose to pay off their mortgages and take the money they’ve gained from their properties. Or they could use that equity to invest in property with a larger down payment. No matter their decision, there’s one thing Steve knows for sure. He will lean on RPM Iowa to consult him on the pros and cons when they’re ready to take the next step in their investment journey. 

Beyond retirement, real estate investment will play a big role in Steve creating generational wealth. “We would hope that, in the back of our minds, we would pass on our investment in real estate to our kids, and give them a foundation in real estate investing.

Having a good property manager has given Steve the ability to build wealth through real estate while avoiding the time-consuming day-to-day duties. Steve and his wife like to spend time traveling. In his free time, you might find Steve biking, hiking, spending time in his garden, or enjoying his version of “stopping to smell the roses”- driving through the rural landscape.

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