Cash Out & Reclaim Your Time.

You’ve worked hard. Is it time to take your reward?

Discover what your portfolio is worth.

Get a real-time portfolio valuation with our calculator. 

Finally, get rewarded for all of the hard work you’ve done.

You’ve put in the hard work and long hours. You’ve never settled for shortcuts. But it may be time to leave the stress behind.

Property management is a tough business — no one knows that better than you. But you may be facing ongoing challenges that you’re ready to be rid of like:

  • Frequent maintenance calls
  • Demanding property owners and tenants
  • Keeping up with laws and compliances
  • Expensive reporting systems and software
  • Staying profitable

A permanent vacation from managing rental properties.

The Real Property Management Portfolio Acquisition Program is a simple, profitable way to transition out of property management.

Our team utilizes acquisition models to help work with you to determine a fair valuation for your current property management portfolio.

“Real Property Management [Iowa] is a great company that provides excellent service. I have worked with many property management companies over the past fifteen years and consider them top notch. They are responsive, communicate effectively and take pride in their properties. I highly recommend Real Property Management [Iowa]!”

Steve Fisser


A clear path forward.

Get serious about your freedom with a transparent offer for your hard work.

The acquisition process can seem daunting but with our simple offer and transition process, you can rest easy knowing your business will be in good hands.

1. Fill Out an NDA

Have confidence in confidentiality.

2. Complete Portfolio Analysis

Meet with our team to verify your portfolio analysis.

3. Conduct Due Diligence

Verify financials and review current management contracts.

4. Finalize Offer

Complete paperwork and review the transition process.

5. Close & Transition

Enjoy your freedom.

Get Started: What is your portfolio worth?

Understand how much you could gain with RPM Iowa.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Our comprehensive transition plan will allow you to transition out of the property management business and on to your next adventure.

Let us handle the 2 A.M. emergency phone calls, monthly rent collection, ongoing maintenance management, and more. Our award-winning property management team will handle it all so you can reclaim your time.

What factors do you consider when preparing an offer?

We consider the following:

  • Location
  • Property Class
  • Management Fees/Revenue
  • Portfolio Size
  • Quality of Lease Agreements

For an estimated portfolio value, use our portfolio calculator above.

What documents do I need to prepare prior to meeting with RPM Iowa?

We complete a two-phased due diligence process. Phase 1 consists of rent roll, example management contract, example lease agreement, and one month’s income statement. Once we move past Phase 1 into Phase 2 we will provide you with. a list of documents needed to get the full picture of your portfolio. 

I am not ready to sell today, what are my options for contingency planning?

Planning ahead is wonderful. We would love to help you create an exit strategy when you’re ready. Your portfolio. Your timeline. 

What does the transition process look like?

Onboarding can be complicated and the transition process is important to us. We will build a customized onboarding plan to ensure that all of your owners and tenants are brought onboard seamlessly. 

Why RPM Iowa?

As the nation’s trusted leader in full-service property management, the Real Property Management organization manages tens of thousands of properties across the country. We have refined property management over the past 25 years, and we have the skills, knowledge, professionalism, systems and processes to provide your current clients a rewarding experience. Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your clients are in good hands.

Different avenues. Same end-goals.

Going the extra mile pays off.

Read their stories to learn how the RPM Iowa Portfolio Acquisition Program rewarded them for their tenacity and hard work in the property management business. 



When Megan bought her first house, she rented the other bedrooms out to her friends and quickly came to the realization that she enjoyed real estate investing and property management. After a while, Megan decided that she liked investing in real estate, but not the late night maintenance calls or hard-to-deal-with clients. She was struggling to keep up with vendor relationships, rent payments, and other administrative tasks. So, Megan sold her properties to RPM Iowa.

When she decided to get back into real estate investing, she entrusted RPM Iowa to be the property managers for her properties. Now Megan gets to experience her favorite parts of real estate investing, without having to be a property manager.

Mark & Janet

Mark and Janet

Mark and Janet had been in the property management business for 30+ years. Overtime, they found that the technology and application systems they were using were severely outdated. It made it difficult to run things efficiently and keep their business profitable. Instead of spending more of their time trying to catch up and maintain their property management company, they decided to sell their portfolio to RPM Iowa.

Doing so gave Mark and Janet the opportunity to retire a couple of years early and spend more time with their family and explore new hobbies they had been putting off for years. Now, they travel across the U.S. and have the opportunity to visit their children who live out of state whenever they want.



Gabriel worked hard for years to grow his property management business. He spent countless hours and weekends acquiring new leads and turning them into partnerships. His property management company quickly hit 150 doors and became more work than he was prepared for. Instead of adding more to his plate, Gabriel made the executive decision to sell his portfolio to RPM Iowa and leave off on a good note.

He trusted RPM Iowa’s acquisition process and knew what was going on every step of the way. Now, Gabriel works as a Business Development Manager. He gets to do what he’s passionate about  without spending mass amounts of time handling the other aspects of property management.


Relax and enjoy.

You’ve put in the time it takes to build a business from the ground up. It’s time to step back and relax. You deserve it. We will care for your clients just as much as you have.


Ditch the stess.

You know better than anyone that this industry can be daunting. Sometimes it might seem like you’re in a lose-lose situation with tenants and vendors. We have the protocols in place to deal with tough situations, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Peace of mind.

Your clients and residents are in good hands. We are locally owned and managed, with national support and 25 years of collective property management experience. We use local vendors and business owners to get the job done. 

Full-Service Leasing

Our industry-leading lease-up services give you peace of mind knowing your property will be filled with quality, vetted tenants. Let us market your property, thoroughly screen applicants, and find a high-quality long-term resident.

Property Management

Let us handle the 2 A.M. emergency phone calls, monthly rent collection, ongoing maintenance management, and more. Our award-winning property management team will handle the day-to-day so you can enjoy the return on investment.