Although a popular part of many celebrations, fireworks have the potential to severely damage a rental property as well as injure tenants, their guests and even nearby neighbors. The question of whether tenants will be allowed to include fireworks in their holiday celebrations is one that should be clearly addressed in a rental lease agreement.

The big boom could cause property damage

Fireworks are a big part of many national holiday celebrations. In addition to large commercial or state-funded displays, the popularity of fireworks has increased over the years. The size and firepower of consumer fireworks have also grown, creating products that are both widely available and extremely dangerous. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires every year.

Fireworks also result in thousands of injuries. Twelve thousand and nine hundred (12,900) people were treated in hospital emergency rooms for burns and other injuries caused by fireworks in 2017. These statistics show that fireworks have the potential to cause unintended damage and injury just about anywhere.

It is important to make sure your tenants know the risks involved in order to reduce the chances of disaster. Inform tenants of any local or state laws regulating the use of consumer fireworks on residential properties. It is also a good idea to educate them on the basics of fire safety. You can do so by including recent data on fire-related accidents and injuries. Property owners should insist that their tenants have renters insurance in the event that something unexpected does occur. Landlord insurance will cover most kinds of damage to the structure. But if the damage extends to the tenant’s personal property or the tenant injures themselves or others, they will need their own policy coverage.

Include clear and specific language in lease documents regarding firework policies. The property owner has the last word on whether fireworks will be permitted on their rental property. Making it clear that only certain celebratory fireworks are allowed will save you the headache. You can also suggest alternative, and less damage-provoking options, like sparklers and firecrackers.

You can have fun on the Fourth of July without a headache the next morning

Maintaining good tenant relations while setting clear lease terms and consequences is important. Real Property Management Iowa can assist property owners with tenant relations, not to mention lease language and ensuring compliance. We take care of your property and your tenant for you, freeing you to spend your valuable time elsewhere. Schedule a consultation with us today and we can further discuss fire safety and firework regulations!