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Autumn is here; it’s that lovely time of year filled with football, Halloween, cozy nights in, and so much more! Usually, property maintenance is the last thing on anyone’s mind during this lovely season- but now is the best time to check up on your property before winter arrives. Take a look at our fall maintenance checklist.

To preface this, you should not do any maintenance work or repair unless licensed. Lucky for you, RPM Iowa works with several vendors, and we know exactly who to go to for any issues that can arise!

Hit the Roof

We all know winter can wreak havoc on a home’s exterior, especially the roof. Major roof repairs can be as much as $7,000! To prevent any major roof repairs from becoming necessary, we recommend checking your roof regularly. Trim low-hanging branches to prevent winter snow and ice from adding weight to your roof. Loose or missing shingles can cause winter leaks from melting snow. So check those shingles and make sure everything is sturdy before it’s covered in snow.

Repair Driveway Cracks

This one might seem silly, but it’s more preventative than you may think. Cracks in concrete can grow much worse in the wintertime. When water gets into those cracks, it will freeze and expand, turning those minor cracks into large cracks- or even potholes. Patching a driveway is only $2-3 per square foot plus about $40 for Asphalt, whereas a new driveway can cost thousands!

Check your Gutters

Gutters play a significant role come wintertime. Snowmelt and other debris will need to drain off your roof properly come winter. If not properly cleaned out, clogged gutters can cause ice dams. If melting ice and snow get underneath your roof, this can cause mold, leaks, and water stains. So make sure to clear those gutters before winter so they can properly drain.

Seal up any Air Leaks

This one is both preventative to owners and beneficial to residents! Gaps in weatherstripping can let cold air into the home- which increases residents’ heating bills and can also lead to long-term damage if left unrepaired. In older homes especially, cold air (whether that be from an attic or from entryways) can cause pipes to freeze. Weatherstripping can deteriorate over time, so check for any gaps! It can often be fixed just with a suitable caulk.

Performing a regular maintenance checkup on your property is one of the most simple but crucial parts of keeping your property’s value up. Being proactive in maintenance can prevent major expenses in the long run. Our maintenance team can perform many of these maintenance tasks. And for more serious repairs, we have several of the best vendors in our network.

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