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Real Estate Investing Strategies for Beginners

Looking for real estate investing strategies for beginners? Look no further, here are four steps and factors to consider! Define Your Investment Goals When it comes to real estate investing strategies, the first step a beginner should take is to narrow down what...

Emerging Trends and Innovations in Property Management

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, the property management industry is also undergoing significant changes. With advances in technology and new business models emerging, the future of property management is looking more innovative and efficient than ever...

2022 Real Estate Market Recap

RPM Iowa Year in Review It’s been a big year in real estate, and a big year at RPM Iowa too. As we enter 2023, let’s do a quick recap of the 2022 real estate market. While we helped our clients grow in real estate investment, we happened to grow in size too- RPM Iowa...

Leveraging the Winter Season

Top 3 things for investors to do during the winter season 1. Property Acquisition It’s no secret that the winter season tends to put a chill on home buying. Many sellers will wait until spring to list their property. The winter months bring in less inventory, but that...

Real Estate Investor Highlight

At RPM Iowa, we love to help people build wealth through real estate. Investor success stories surround us, and this month our Real Estate Investor Highlight is Steve. Steve wasn’t entirely new to real estate investing. In fact, he had owned a few properties in the...

Fall Maintenance Checklist

Autumn is here; it’s that lovely time of year filled with football, Halloween, cozy nights in, and so much more! Usually, property maintenance is the last thing on anyone's mind during this lovely season- but now is the best time to check up on your property before...

4 Ways to Increase Your Property Value

As housing costs continue to rise across the nation, it is important for our clients to maintain their property value over time. But why seek to maintain, when you could work on increasing your property’s value instead? Many times, property owners may wonder what they...

Top Neighborhoods for Investment Properties in Iowa- 2022

5 hot Iowa neighborhoods that investors should keep an eye on- Can you guess which cities made the list?

How to raise your tenant retention rates

Think of your renters as an unofficial business partner. Their continued happiness means consistent income for you. Raising or holding steady your tenant retention rates is very important in this business. There are various reasons a renter might leave your unit and not all of them are bad. RPM Iowa does everything within its power to eliminate any reason a tenant may vacate your unit that is in their control.

Using leverage to keep yourself motivated

Without the right amount of leverage in your real estate investments, you may struggle to maximize your earning potential. Real estate investing offers both unlimited potential and inherent risk. Staying motivated while pursuing your investing goals can sometimes become difficult.

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