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Alex Long

About Alex 

Meet Alex Long, a dedicated Service Coordinator at RPM Iowa. Alex joined our team as a Maintenance Technician two years ago and was promoted to his current role in 2024. He is passionate about ensuring that all our residents enjoy a well-maintained living environment and works diligently to address their property needs promptly.

Alex’s daily mission is to make sure that every resident he interacts with is satisfied with their home’s condition. His approachable and responsive nature makes him a favorite among our community members.

Before joining RPM Iowa, Alex had a fulfilling career working with animals. This experience has not only enhanced his empathetic qualities but also makes him uniquely equipped to handle visits to homes with pets. Alex is always ready with a pocket full of dog treats, so feel free to let your furry friends greet him!

If you have any maintenance concerns or just want to chat about your pets, Alex can be contacted through his RPM Iowa email at